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We’ve got splendid news both short and long term! The Cairns Regional Council has decided to contribute to the hosting of Australia Classic 2015 Cairns – thus securing next year’s event. We thought a little celebration should be in order.

Accordingly, we’ll attempt to organise a meet for Sunday, 22 June. We propose to meet sometime in the morning, then go for a drive together, have lunch on the Tablelands, drive back and wind up. There won’t be any timekeeping or tasks, just an informal get-together like any club event. The lunch venue is not yet booked – so please let us know in your comments or emails to if you’re free to come along with your AC-eligible car.

Let’s catch up on that Sunday, have a good time and prepare for AC2015!


We regret to announce that this year Australia Classic will not hold its regularity rally in the Cairns region.

Former participants would be aware that the value provided for the entry fees in the last years has been outstanding – therefore they were quite far from covering the costs of hosting. However, we believed that the entry fees cannot be substantially raised without excluding many of the participants from being able to enter, and this view has been verified by many of our followers on Facebook or the newsletters.

Our attempt to secure council funding in 2013 was unsuccessful, and this year there is still no indication whether we’d get any support from local government despite the promotional value we believe we were able to provide internationally.

Although we received an overwhelming support from former and potential future participants, we made the decision to call off the 2014 Australia Classic rally and we’ll try to focus on stabilising the event’s future to be able to host it in 2015.

Please feel free to comment in any way: emails, Facebook comments, positive and negative – we are listening. We sincerely hope that your enthusiasm and interest will not fade away by then and we could welcome you to the next round in 2015.


Totalcar_July2013While work on AC14 is already well underway, the organisers are still quite involved in spreading the word about the event that just finished, to every corner of the world.

See the linked article just released on Totalcar Magazine, a blog-magazine hybrid on the European market, who thought the content provided by us was worthy of publishing. Many thanks for the opportunity and looking forward to seeing entrants from Europe next year, as a result. :-) ))



Weeks after the event we’re still very busy providing content to major car magazines and negotiating the conditions for AC14. The Photos section of our website now has the new gallery uploaded and if you require any further photos, please feel free to contact Auto Art Photography who are happy to assist.

In the meantime did you see, that AC13C got an article in Classic & Sports Car magazine? We are truly grateful for the international attention.