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AC on hiatus for 2016

rest-area-signMost of you would have seen already as Newsletter subscribers: we’ve cancelled the 2016 event planned for Townsville.

Unfortunately we’ve hit several walls in Townsville from the lack of suitable routes to the refusal of both our Council and TEQ grant applications.

At the same time we’ve been developing our very own timekeeping system for many months now and once the development was completed, we’d be ready to host a number of races for 2017. The new devices will all be wireless, thus enabling longer “1/100 challenges” and no hassle with laying cables.

For now the organisers will retreat to focus on building the foundation for a national event series and hope to bring you at least 3 rallies for 2017 with our proprietary timing gear.

We sincerely apologise for the disappointment and look very much forward to bringing you quality entertainment from next year onward, with more and more locations introduced across Australia every year.

It’s official: we’re going to Townsville!

AC16 - 5After a lot of planning and consideration the organisers felt that we’ve exhausted the Cairns roads at least to an extent that warranted a fresh location for 2016. We’ve taken repeated trips to Townsville to find suitable roads, loops, ranges and 1/100 challenge locations and as a result, we decided to host the next rally there in July 2016.

Unfortunately the entry fees for AC16 will be higher than before, which may cause some disappointment.

When we began in 2012 we nominated entry fees that paid for less than half the cost because we haven’t yet had a demonstrated history of successful and enjoyable events.

Now, that three exceptionally spectacular events are behind us, it’s time to adjust the fees to a level that is sustainable and represents the value offered by Australia Classic. We sincerely hope that our core audience will understand and maintain involvement.

The AC website will shortly be extensively overhauled and the new entry form will offer prepayment as well as instalment options for those wishing to secure their spots.

Many of you would have already seen the 6-page coverage of AC15 in last month’s Unique Cars magazine. If you missed it, check it out on our website’s Articles page!

We were also humbled to have had a write-up published on Petrolicious.

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We’ll continue to post updates from the national and international media and let’s get ready for an unprecedented and unparalleled AC16 event in Townsville!

6-page coverage in Unique Cars magazine

Australia Classic has made it into the national mainstream media. The fresh release of Unique Cars is out today – grab your copy while it’s hot! Great shots by AUTO ART Photography and excellent writing from Scott Murray, almost as if he was here with us. Next year, he’d better be! :-)

Pages 1 & 2 from Unique Cars article

Pages 3 & 4 from Unique Cars article

Pages 5 & 6 from Unique Cars article

AC15 event summary video

Anyone visiting the page for the first time should start by watching this short video – this is what Australia Classic is all about. Claim your spot in the nation’s signature classic car event.