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AC15 event summary video

Anyone visiting the page for the first time should start by watching this short video – this is what Australia Classic is all about. Claim your spot in the nation’s signature classic car event.

AC15 Results

Tim and Lee won AC15 


The Australia Classic 2015 (or “AC15″ for short) rally was held in Tropical North Queensland on the weekend of 20-21 June 2015. Our headquarters at the Southern Esplanade car park hosted the Start/Finish gate activities, while in the hours in between non-competing classic cars and some modern exotics were on display.Out of the 59 cars entered a few have dropped out due to mechanical issues – some were exchanged for the teams’ daily driver vehicles while some had to give up altogether. Only one team wasn’t able to finish – as having travelled from Townsville they could not organise a replacement vehicle to go with for Sunday.The Hilton Cairns hosted the Awards Gala dinner where competitors, marshals, sponsors and their guests all got together celebrating winners of “1/100 challenges” as well as overall scores, and watching the fantastic event summary video fresh out of the oven.

Cars #2 (Andrew Chand & Luke Olholm), #24 (Dan McKelvey & Craig Pullen) and #32 (Daniel Luxton & Jane O’Neill) scored 2 challenge wins each – although these results had to be adjusted for the draws where the older car gets to take the trophy.

Dan and Jane in the 1970 Ford Mustang (car #32) didn’t just win two 1/100 challenges but also scored third overall with just 1,740 penalty points! To put this into perspective, the previous rally – AC13 – was won by Karen and Greg Smith with a score of 1,772 which means that even the bronze team this year did a better score than the winners last time.

While we’re talking about Karen & Greg, they brought a different car this time exchanging the Falcon XM ute for a 1959 Chevy Impala and did really well – having taken the second spot with car #1 in 2015 with penalty points of just 1,644 in total.

The biggest surprise of the event was car #43, the 1972 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Driver Tim Trad and current navigator Lee Goldring, in separate cars back then, were the naughty boys of AC12 often aiming to collect the maximum penalties possible. This time they came with a fresh objective, taking the rally so seriously that they even rocked up for the preceding Friday’s practice session. All that hard effort paid off when Tim and Lee collected the trophies as overall winners with a mere 1,389 score. The complete results can be downloaded by clicking here.

The organisers wish to thank all the participants, marshals and sponsoring partners for this fabulous weekend and hope to see you all same time, next year!

Car Show at the Start/Finish gate on 20-21 June 2015


Come along on both days to Australia Classic’s fenced-off area in the Pier car park and watch the 60 competing cars cross the Start Gate from 9 to 10 am.

Then from 10 am to 4 pm a colourful display of classic and sports cars from various clubs will stay on site before the rally teams return from 4 to 5 pm through the Finish Gate.

Bring your family on both days to see the different displays of cars, vote for best team dressed in period fashion and grab a taco from our groovy food van!

Gold coin donations will go to Variety, the Children’s Charity. Event email:

The Welcome Reception is just three weeks away

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On the evening of Friday, 19 June (in three weeks’ time) drivers, navigators and their passengers will get together at the Hilton Cairns for a meet & greet. We’ll learn about rally’s Rules, we’ll discuss the signs of the Roadbook, catch up with old friends and make some new ones, and get psyched up for the upcoming 2 days’ challenges.

In the meantime, even though the number of entries did reach the capped maximum of 60, in the last two weeks 5 of them had to drop out for various mechanical issues – which are unfortunate but in the world of classic cars it tends to happen sometimes. We wish these 5 cars a speedy recovery and look forward to hosting AC15 with still the highest number of entrants so far: 55 fascinating classic cars, 115 of the nicest people you can imagine, and potentially thousands of spectators in Cairns and the neighbouring towns.

Our international presence is also getting stronger as we get closer to the event: the above ad yesterday hit the streets on the pages of UK’s Classic Cars magazine, distributed worldwide. Look for the “July” issue because that’s how they named the one released on 28 May.  :-)